Business Plan


Matthew 6:33 - But seek ye FIRST The Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Welcome to the birth of a NEW Nation…. Where our subscribers can exchange their energies into a lifestyle that rewards them with uncapped potential.

Who are we?

Syndicate 1,000 is a subsidiary group of Global Advertising Internet Network Foundation since 2012, an unincorporated, non-government, private advertising, sales and marketing contracts association, domiciled in New Zealand with a global online presence and divine purpose to save all Nations.

What are we looking for?

We seek to establish a network of subscribers to use our service platform to create a buyer’s network and customer database. We are looking for every-day retail consumers, sales and marketing professionals that include property profilers, real estate agents, business brokers, personnel from the trade service industry, manufacturers and suppliers to advertise, promote, list, barter, trade, exchange, swap, sell and purchase from our private online advertising network.

Our subscribers must be over 18 years, who seek an alternative work-from-home business opportunity as affiliate referral marketing agents, in a cooperative marketing strategy with Syndicate 1,000 Group that earns commissions and uncapped incentive rewards that can be life changing.

Together, we can collectively build a buyer’s network and customer database, to list and sell real estate, business ventures, business directory service, all types of vehicles and every-day, general products and services on the GAIN 2U MATRIX online advertising platform.

Additional to this platform is the Godzone Credit Exchange, GAIN 2U NETWORK online affiliate sponsorship platform. Members sponsor NEW subscribers, who upgrade through the Bronze to Platinum internal pay-it-forward membership plans. Sponsors are rewarded 50% or half of the members plan value, of each NEW subscriber they have personally introduced. This has unlimited potential to receive a weekly universal basic income that is uncapped.

Why, this service?

Due to the COVID-19 Plandemic and Government Lock-Downs on a global scale, we needed to provide a viable solution to ensure the economic survival of hue-manity.

Homelessness, poverty, global food shortages, sickness, pestilence, increased crime, incarceration and global media fear-mongering that leads to fight or flight mentality of the weak minded. This is all caused by the thought of scarcity, when in fact, we have a world of abundance.

History shows that we can learn from the past. We can be surviving among the conniving elite, who for centuries have planned the sustainable depopulation of the earth. The lack of good judgement and good leadership may have led to our demise.

Only the strong-willed know that by leveraging the efforts of a collective syndicate of committed people working together in cooperation, can provide a desirable outcome and promising results as a better solution to evolution, when we move toward contribution conscious, communities in common unity.

What will it cost?

GAIN 2U MATRIX advertising platform has a €10 Weekly Service Contribution and a one-time €10 Starter Pledge for each account.


  1. There is a one-time Syndicate 1000, Starter Plan pledge of €10.
  2. There is a weekly pledge of €10 to maintain an account.
  3. A payment gateway fee will be added to the before costs for transacting online.
  4. You will be required to purchase credit-ether to start transacting.


Syndicate 1000 Group contribution society of over 1,000 subscribers, helps to maintain the community you have been assigned too. With a €40 a week ongoing contribution pledge, over 5-years with 5-year renewal terms, you can become an equal and equitable shareholder of the community's growth and development. As long as you remain a syndicate contributor, you are an equitable shareholder of the projects the syndicate votes on and implements into intangible and tangible resources.


Where are the benefits?

All members who personally refer real estate, business ventures and business directory services on the GAIN 2U MATRIX advertising platform from their online back-office login area can IMMEDIATELY earn 50% commissions or discounts of the upfront listing fees. When the listing sell’s they can later share in 50% of the 2% marketing success fee (if any), on the sale and purchase price of Real Estate and Business Ventures, sharing 50/50 of the 1% between the listing and sales agents or the whole 1% if you are both.

Subscribers can list all types of vehicles and general products and services and benefit from the sale of their private capacity, unwanted or unused items laying around the home.

As an added bonus Syndicate 1,000 Group has a program that pays uncapped incentive rewards when subscribers sponsor new subscribers. Everyone collectively upgrades through (6) 10 x 6 plans, receiving benefits of one thousand times the starting pledge of any upgrade plan. This accumulates into credit-ether, energy exchange current-see within an internal e-wallet account of the participating subscribers, that can be spent on any items listed on the advertising platform. The credit-ether has a benchmark value set on the euro currency value. (1) Credit-Ether to (1) Euro Dollar. Please note we do not purport to trade is euro or dollars, but rather we trade our spirit of energy exchange, tracked by our units of value we call Credit-Ether.

Special Notes to pay attention to….

It is important to note that these credits can only be spent on items listed within the advertising platform and not for external use. We intend to transition from monetary debt instruments (fiat currency) to virtual and digital, credit-ether, energy exchange current-see, in the near future. Moving from a debt enslavement system to a Sovereign Creditors System and Cashless Society.

All private members that subscribe have internal e-wallet accounts to exchange and transfer between each other. The purchaser’s e-wallet account is debited and the seller’s e-wallet account is credited. We do NOT use EFTPOS, loyalty or store cards in the public. We remain private by offering an online service only. There is no difference from our GAIN 2U System to any mainstream, every-day bank transaction account and online banking service. We just offer an alternative to the current services provided.

All credit-ether, energy exchange current-see is supported by real intrinsic value of the real estate, business ventures, all types of vehicles and general products and services we BUY and SELL on our advertising platform.

All commissions and uncapped incentive rewards will have a 10% Tithe deducted, as a tribute to the Great Spirit for the purpose of rebuilding, restoring, rejuvenating and replenishing our environment, fauna and flora, natural resources, seas and water-ways, land, air and space. Every living creature deserves the right to live free, breath clean air, have access to natural resources that sustain and maintain our physical bodies and the right to be infinite and eternal in our spirits energy. 

How the system works?

Our subscribers are affiliate referral marketers that sponsor (10) new subscribers within the first month of joining and adding (1) new subscriber each month thereafter.

Our internal administration infrastructure places new subscribers into the next available position, from top to bottom, left to right to infinity, with pre-set parameters to qualify subscribers who sponsor (10) affiliate positions wide, to receive an incentive reward after (6) levels deep and the matrix infrastructure continues to be filled with subscribers. The nature of our business model is to refer new subscribers, new listings and make promotional sales. A follow the leader, jump-over and spill-over binary system.

Qualified Subscribers can jump-over other subscribers who DO NOT have (10) Affiliates locked-in, and when subscribers add (1) new subscriber each month thereafter, they will create spill-over to fill vacant positions within the internal administration infrastructure quicker, to build our Buyer’s network and reward our affiliate referral marketing subscribers sooner.

All subscribers can “Follow the Leader and wrap under each other with their original team of (10) new subscribers, to upgrade through all (6) 10 x 6 plans of Syndicate 1,000 Group. 

You can open unlimited e-wallet accounts for uncapped rewards, the benefits can be limitless. The beauty of the program, is that the rewards dwarf the costs of joining, and the effort to introduce new subscribers can be leveraged by the collective efforts of all participating subscribers, creating a true contribution cooperative spirit to create wealth in abundance.

When can YOU start?

Our intention is to immediately start rebuilding a better, brighter, more sustainable and abundant future for all living creatures of this godly realm, to bring heavenly peace on earth by establishing a plan for a New Earth Alliance, a new direction and new righteous way of life. In a collective effort of contribution co-operation, (TEAM) together everyone achieves more. It starts NOW and it starts with YOU.

You choose…

Together we can end poverty and oppression forever and build a world we can all be proud of. If our subscribers put their best foot forward, and actively participate in the greatest affiliate referral marketing program of the 21st Century, we can all live on a paradise earth once again. It is now up to YOU, whether you want to thrive or just survive. 

It requires a polar-shift of the mind, coming out of legal maxim LAWS of the sea and land beast to return back to divine LORE of energy and true source. To STOP using monopoly money to play the game of life with snakes and ladders or a black and white chess board battle field, of Kings, Queens, Castles, Knights and Bishops, as pawns to be sacrificed for King or Country.  

It took them a thousand years to enslave your mind. It will take another thousand years to FREE you.

Intimacy (In to ME see). It is the I AM spirit within each and every ONE of you. The change can only come from you. It is YOU that is the commodity of value. Remove all of YOU from this natural realm of the living and there is NO Life. It will become a super robotic (AI) artificial intelligence, software quantum leap of the unnatural, where DEATH follows. The choice is yours….

Ariki-nui Kawenata :Marsich-Crown: says, “If all other things are equal, then the difference is ME”.

Great Lord Covent King… HE IS… Yahūah, Yahūsha, Rūach of IO Supreme is in The Kingdom House of IO”.





Plan 1 has a €10 Dollar start-up pledge, that returns a 10,000₠ Credit-Ether reward, that pays for the next upgrade to Plan 2. Each plan pledge increases ten-times-fold from the previous pledge made, and each reward increases one-thousand-times-fold of the pledge made on each plan, as you upgrade through (6) Plans with (10) Active New Subscribers of each account.

You are required to sponsor (10) new subscribers in the first month of joining and (1) new subscriber each month thereafter. Once you have (10) new active subscribers in your support network, you can join again to open another account under one of your best and trusted active subscribers in your TEAM, and repeat the process. If everyone done this ACTION of Follow The Leader, then success is inevitable.
After six (6) levels are full of affiliate subscribers in the internal administration infrastructure of each 10 x 6 plan, an incentive reward less a 10% Tithe is directed to your internal e-wallet account in credit-ether (our own private medium of exchange) to use on the advertising platform. The pledge amount to the next plan is also deducted from your reward balance automatically to upgrade and repeat the cycle to receive uncapped rewards from the (6) plans.

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is leveraging the efforts of all the members doing their part of sponsoring new subscribers, listing, selling, buying and transacting advertised items, membership recycling, managing your direct downline subscribers and more. It is a working co-operative in a collective team effort with a hive-mind mentality of busy bees.   

Special Conditions​

The above is for illustrative purposes only. We believe that when everyone fulfils the obligations of membership the above could be achieved by the leveraging power of each subscriber’s personal efforts to sponsor new subscribers that pledge and upgrade through each 10 x 6 plan as this is the nature of our Affiliate Referral Marketing business model to create our own buyer’s network.

Each plan requires (10) new subscribers positioned within the first month of joining to qualify, and one (1) new subscriber added each month thereafter. The same subscribers personally introduced can follow the leader through each pledge and upgrade plan.

All commissions will be less a 10% tithe and will be directed to your back-office e-wallet account.

You can top up your back-office e-wallet balance from an external source at any time, however the balance can only be spent on the platforms above.

Credit-Ether can be transferred within the system but cannot be withdrawn for external use, other than to transfer to the God-zone Credit Exchange GAIN 2U NETWORK, platform 2 by a redeemable Voucher, and vice versa to the GAIN 2U MATRIX.

This is an incentive reward platform for your active participation in sponsoring subscribers and earning commissions as a Listing and Sales Agent of Real Estate, Business Ventures and Business Directory Services.

Alternatively, by listing All types of Vehicles and harmless General Products and Services, including unwanted items laying around the home, can establish a credit-line that can be exchanged for other items listed on the advertising platforms, including big ticket items like Real Estate, Business Ventures, Vehicles and more.


1. As a Subscriber or Affiliate Member of this platform you are deemed to have read and accepted our ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Rules of Engagement’ and other worded information on this website.

2. A Subscriber or Affiliate Member must be a (FAM) Financially Active Member to benefit from any commissions and incentive rewards paid from the pre-set parameters of the administration infrastructure of the website, otherwise any payments received can be withdrawn with or without notice and the account(s) suspended and blocked until remedied.

3. There is a €10 Weekly Service Contribution and a one-time €10 Starter Pledge for each account.

4. Members who have started on the €10 Euro Dollar GAIN 2U MATRIX platform, are required to sponsor 10 new subscribers within the first month of joining and adding 1 new subscriber each month thereafter in a one-month pre-launch capacity.

5. Members must be peaceful, respectful, honorable, responsible and accountable in all transactions with other Members of this website at all times.

6. Members who use the services on this website accept accountability of their e-wallet account(s) and must ensure that their profile information is kept private, accurate, true and correct to the best of their knowledge and ability.

7. Members must keep their password(s) secure and are not permitted to share it with anyone. It is recommended to use a long password with assorted numbers, symbols, upper and lower-case characters.

8. Members who participate with this website are fully aware, we are an affiliate referral marketing network that sponsor people to join and refer items to be advertised, to receive commissions and incentive rewards.

9. All commissions and incentive rewards earned or received by the GAIN Foundation to your private e-wallet accounts are in credit-ether current-see (energy) exchange, our own private medium of exchange that can be used to purchase, harmless items on this advertising platform.

10. Members must give an accurate description of the item(s) they intend to list with clear images and priced competitively in comparison to current estimated market values.

11. All transactions must be completed in a timely manner within 7 days locally, 14 Day nationally and 28 Days internationally or in a timeline that is stipulated in any advertisement.

12. All transactions will be less a 10% Tithe that is transferred to a GOD Wallet.

13. Members are required to remedy any transaction deemed unethical, deceptive, misleading, dishonorable or considered bad business dealings within 3 days of any bad transaction. Failure to remedy will result in suspension of an account and/or termination entirely which will result in loss of any accumulated credits.

14. Members who sponsor other members must be responsible and accountable for reporting any suspicious bad behavior of those members. Bad association spoils useful habits and other members can be affected through simple association.

15. Members must refrain from using any images or terminology that are vulgar, sexual, contain nudity, pornography, child trafficking, drugs related, discriminating, demeaning, threatening, abusive, violent, racist, gender related or any other communication that may give the wrong impression to others. We will not tolerate bad behavior, corruption, fear-mongering, illegal and unlawful activity, threats of violence and abuse of position or power or usurping of power.

16. Members who are convicted of a proven criminal offence, that we feel may harm the interests or reputation of the foundation and its members, shareholders, business alliances or international connections, under the jurisdiction of natural law will be immediately terminated from this program. This will result in the loss of all credits as the credits cannot be used external to this system, as they are the private medium of exchange of the GAIN Foundation.

17. Members who transfer credit-ether units of value by voucher to the Godzone Credit Exchange or vice versa, must abide by the rules of engagement in union with platform 1 GAIN 2U Matrix. The affiliate infrastructure has membership plans that have an internal subscription value. This value is shared 50/50 with your direct sponsor.

18. All internal credit-ether is the private medium of exchange of Global Advertising Internet Network Foundation and cannot be used external of the system. The credit-ether cannot be exchanged, bartered, transferred, swapped or used publicly. The exchange is private and exclusive to members and subscribers only. Our service is an online marketing tool for sovereign creditors to exchange their energy with other sentient-beings of all nations.

We conclude by asking all members to love Supreme Creation, yourself and your neighbor and to remember that your effort to create is yours to own and your share of this system in a collective and cooperative mahi-tahi with other member alliances. To bring NO HARM to one-self, other living-beings that we co-exist with, and do not covet anyone else’s property un-LORE-fully and  protect environment, fauna and flora.