Debt is a Sin and Sin leads to Death. A Sovereign Creditor is the divine gematria man/womb-man. We the People have the AUthority of value  AU means Me or I in the Polynesian language. The People are the true Gold Standard AUthority of the spirit within the Melanin Avatar Flesh Body. The AU also is the gold of the life's essence or mAUri spirit called the Holy Ghost that exists within the physical realm of the embodiment of Flesh.

The Godzone Credit Exchange has an infinite value provided by the transitioning member of the system. Each member that creates a credit-line, establishes their gold-backed value that is an exchangeable commodity attached to true intrinsic wealth of products and services within the marketplace of the matrix. A change of mindset is required to be FREE of the current enslavement system of the infant mind of Baby-lon. A collective decision to change will transition us from the old that is passing away, to the new earth alliance within a cooperative exchange solution of divine portions from each affiliated member who participates.

To establish value we have designed a transitioning mechanism to remove fiat currency (money) from the current enslavement system of mammon, to a credit-based sovereign credit-line backed by the gold value of each member and the Supreme Creator Most High. This will zero-balance the debt ledger of mankind. No man can claim that we have defaulted on any debt. However, what needs to be inner-stood is who do we owe? Man or Father Most High? ALL things are owned by ONE. HERE is the evidence written in history: 

Our Sponsors can open an account for as little as ​€10 Euro Dollars as a one-off set up cost to initiate our affiliate buyer's network and reward system. This allows a creation of true value attached to the intrinsic value of products and services  No man can claim we have plucked value out of thin air.

The Sovereign Integraal Credit Depository of our Central Finance & Investments Foundation within the Godzone Credit Exchange has an approved infinite credit bond covenant. This is our unlienable god-given sovereign birthright bestowed upon us by the Supreme Spirit Force of ONE that resides within ALL Co-creators of the Universe. Our community of unity requires a righteous walk in truth to establish this New Earth Alliance. To find out more please view our Frequently Asked Questions HERE.

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