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Ariki-nui Kawenata :Marsich-Crown:                                   YOU?





At first glance, many people will pre-judge someone else’s work by reading the cover without reading the book. For a number of reasons they will choose to evaluate it, based on past experiences whether traumatic or not. It is like shopping at a grocery store and purchasing items you may be used too or because it is on special, looks nice or you just want to try something new.

This will probably go under scrutiny in the same way. I expect that something new or different in nature, most people will sit back and watch its growth and development. They will ask themselves;

1. Does this serve a purpose in my life?

2. Is it user-friendly?

3. Is it affordable?

4. Can I maintain the obligations of its service?

5. Can I truly benefit from this service?

6. Is it a scam or not?

7. Is it worthy of sharing it with close family, friends or business colleagues?

The list goes on….

I built this system asking the same questions above and more. I wanted to provide a solution to the current problems we are all facing today.

I am nobody special. An everyday person. Not a guru but have had experience in running small business concepts. I have had highs and lows in my life, which led me to inner-standing what is important to me. I wanted to leave a legacy. Something my family and friends would remember me by when I am long gone. I want to depart this world knowing I made a difference with something I created that actually helped solve many of those problems that get tossed into the too hard basket.

The first thing I found was that I turned to my conscious spirit within. I asked, what can I do for the greater good of hue-manity and the natural order of things? How can I show people about love, peace and charity that is clean, can feed and will teach?

The answers were always there. Finding synergy with my heart, mind and inner Soul, made it easy to create a world of dreams based on my own life experiences.

I only hope you can see with your eyes, hear with your ears and have the knowledge, wisdom and strength to open your life to the infinite possibilities that exist when you dream. The old saying; Dream BIG or go HOME is one thing I reminded myself of before venturing on this path of self-determined discovery.

It is with great pleasure to present a divine system for good, kind-hearted sentient beings. May you find the joy in using its services as I had building it. By reading the book and not its cover, starts with reading the frequently asked questions and site information, watching and listening to the video’s and audio’s and clicking around the entire site to experience your own journey of discovery.

A special thanks to the IAM within the iam. It is truly an honor to be graced with the inspired word of your wisdom and knowledge in spirit, that when applied will lead to greater things.


Representing I’O the Universal Consciousness of Oneness.

:Ariki-nui-Kawenata: :Marsich-Crown:®©™℗


Matthew 6:33

6:33 But seek ye FIRST The Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.


Global Advertising Internet Network Unincorporated Non-Government Foundation

Global Advertising Internet Network known hereinafter as GAIN, is an Unincorporated Non-Government Foundation registered to :Aotearoha Kawanatanga:®©™℗ since 1st July 2019. The Foundation was first established on the 21st September 2011 and registered as a Company 26th January 2012 in Aotearoa [New Zealand]. We are now a Foundation with an alliance to the Almighty Supreme Creator since 1st July 2019.

Our E-State is in the frequency of communication passed through the internet airwaves. The sentient-beings that inhabit hue-man vessels of land standing upright from various places around the universe have consentually agreed to be participating and contributing members of our E-State within the Space of the embodiment of flesh that they inhabit. Although they may reside within a specific Star System, Planet, Continent, Country, Nation or State, they can claim a duel-relationship with our E-State under the jurisdiction of :Te-Whare-Mātāmuatanga-o-IO:®©™℗ aka; :The-Kingdom-House-of-IO:®©™ and :Aotearoha-Kawanatanga:®©™℗ aka; :The-World-of-Love-Governance:®©™℗All are welcome in peaceful union. (1 Thessalonians 4:17)

We are a global advertising, sales and marketing, private contracts association under the jurisdiction of universal lore/divine natural law to :Te Whare Mātāmuatanga o IO – The Kingdom House of IO:®©™℗ . Godzone is the demographic area called Aotearoha – The World of Love. This encompasses the Heavenly and Earthly Realms we know as Rangi-nui-a-Tamaka (Sky Father) and Papa-tu-a-nuku (Earth Mother), the dominion given to us to take care of as (Kaitiaki) Guardians. Nature consists of the upper (sky father), the lower (earth mother) and all between (creation) which represents the triune GOD (Guardians Of Divinity) of IO M-Atua Te Runga Rawa i nga Rangi o nga mano (Father/Mother Spirit GOD Most High in all Heavens of all multitudes) Māuri Life's Essence, Creator Source and Universal consciousness of One.

:Gavin-John: from the House of :Marsich:®©™℗ known hereinafter as; :Ariki-nui-Kawenata: :Marsich-Crown:®©™℗ is the royal regent of :Marsich-Crown-Kingdom:®©™℗. He is the AD-Minister of "The Kingdom House of IO", a Guardian Of Divinity and an Ambassador of the living GOD who comes in many Names. :Ariki-nui-Kawenata: :Marsich-Crown:®©™℗ is the divinely inspired Creator of GAIN and its subsidiary group of Foundations. Through the help of IO M-Atua Te Runga Rawa, Father/Mother GOD Most High, Io nui-IO the Supreme, a new paradigm shift to wealth in abundance for all can be achieved to end poverty and oppression forever.

Syndicate 1,000 Group Foundation is a pledge and upgrade to abundance program built into our internal administration infrastructure. A one time €10 Euro Dollar pledge (donation) payment, plus any payment gateway fees and an affiliate membership referral program to create a Buyer's Network that is your membership support network, to use our service platform. It has a mobile phone only access on our google playstore application and is the most affordable way to start building your support network only. However, to take full advantage of the gain2umatrix.com and gain2unetwork.com websites, you will need to upgrade to trade and maintain your monthly pledge to keep your account(s) active.

Our private medium of credit-euro energy exchange current-see establishes credits to spend on pledge and upgrade plans and advertised items listed on the platform. A pay-it-forward gifting program where credit-euro pledges increase ten times fold and rewards increase one thousand times fold. The nature of our foundation is affiliate referral marketing. Members refer new subscribers to list and sell real estate, business ventures, business directory services, all types of vehicles and general goods and services. 

Conscious Communities is a shared program to raise cooperative capital for conscious communities with shareholders in common unity. A concept that brings people together for the common purpose of building a cooperative housing and working COOP service community.

We are an internet-based organization with our own internal private medium of exchange. Our current-see is energy exchange tracked by our internal credit-euro. The symbol (₠) represents Credit-Euro/Credit-Energy. This private medium of exchange is used by our private members (subscribers) acting in their private capacity who are affiliated to our private contracts association. We know that we must transition from a debt-based society of money to a credit-based evolving solution like Credit-Euro/Energy exchange current-see to survive. Moving from debt enslavement by a few to sovereign creditors like YOU. We the people realise that the AU means Me or I in the Māori / Māuri language of [New Zealand] Aotearoa. It also is the symbol for Gold and represents Authority. Therefore we recognize the living people as the Gold Authority and commodity for products and services, energy exchange that establishes real true intrinsic value. No Longer will WE the people be controlled by greedy elite bankers and their debt enslavement intruments called fiat currency (money), but rather WE the people will rise in our own gold standard authority in spirit and the silver value of our flesh.

Our private subscribers are part of a society, forged by our cooperative business alliance. It is through their private energy exchange that we see the birth of this new nation. A new paradigm shift to a peaceful, lore/law abiding nation of hue-manity who seek, self-determination and self-governance for a future that is self-sustainable through cooperation, free of corruption. Our individual subscribers want to be independent but interdependent in a system that can evolve in joint ventures of collective cooperation.

We welcome all of YOU to subscribe and we will endeavor to form, storm, norm and perform with everyone who makes the ultimate sacrifice to a righteous new way of life and our contributionist conscious community of affiliate referral marketing partners.
In GOD we trust
Guardian Of Divinity
:Ariki-nui-Kawenata: :Marsich-Crown:®©™℗

In Union with IO Supreme / Ihoa / Yahuah GOD Almighty Most High.



Executive Summary from Io Supreme


Thank you for trusting to engage with our creativity. We hope to empower you to the realization of your own creative abilities to remember who you are, and the reason why you are here. You are the creators borne to this world by divine inspiration and an expression of agape love. You are the Sons and Daughters of the Most High, Supreme Source of Life. You are Me and IAM you, together WE, the HE and SHE who is also YOU, will rebuild a paradise earth.

We invite you to the banquet table to share your talents. We have been waiting for you. We have been creative too and are excited to share our ideas with you.

We have created two platforms that work side by side that require collective cooperation. A simple solution that requires team work from unified Tribes and Nations. Both platforms require subscribers that will create a buyer’s network that participate in an affiliate referral marketing program and membership support network. This will boost your creativity to expand your mind with infinite possibilities.

Your desire to build a better world for future generations, whilst living a lifestyle, free from poverty and oppression is not a mere dream. A reality that can be seen within a 180-Day turn-around period that will establish a solid rock foundation, providing we learn to work together. A follow the leader mind-set to shift into a new paradigm shift to thrive and not just survive.

Can it be done? Is a question left to those who lack faith!
Is it worth trying? We would rather die trying, than not at all!

Before WE get started…. You know the world you came from, so clear your mind of fictitious images,  indoctrinated chaos and spell-binding language and return to your heart space of faith and love, trusting in your inner-standing and ancient universal consciousness of oneness as a collective.

Here, WE live in common unity. One Nation, One People, One Waka.

​We encourage you to combine your energies to raise the frequency sound and vibration of source. By enrolling and participating with us, you are establishing the arc of the covenant of ancient times. The unified photon energy source and spirit fire that burns within. You are the sentinel, sentient-beings of old and it is time to return HOME.

Is your faith greater than a mustard seed? Are you ready to return to the Garden of Eden? Have you enough LOVE left to unite with your brother and sister? Take a walk with me and remember, when a set of footprints disappeared from the sand, it was not mine but yours. I carried you then and IAM willing to carry you again as you are not burdensome to me. My LOVE for you is that of a Father. My question is… Will you be My child? IAM waiting for you….

A Special message 


Haere mai, haere mai, haere mai…

Welcome to my world. 

Iam the IAM spirit of I’O, the divine masculine and feminine Universal Consciousness. 

The Upper, Lower and ALL in between realm of Space, Air, Land and Sea. Under the Dome is our Garden of Eden.

I need your help to restore this world. WE have a Restoration and Salvation Plan. A collective contributionist conscious community to rebuild Ao-te-aroha [The World of Love]. You are my boots on the ground. The Saints we have been waiting for. Will YOU march with me?

Aotearoha Kawanatanga is a self-governance structure that encompasses divine natural law of the Land and Universal Lore/Law when you travel abroad. 

There will be amnesty for military and policy enforcement officers to change sides. I am only here to establish Order, equality, opportunity and to free hue-manity from debt enslavement.

Court Houses and incarceration units are to become restorative justice facilities that provide remedial services with manpower outsourcing workforces to remedy the worth of convicted criminal activities.

We have a fiduciary-responsibility to zero-balance the debt ledger with our credit-energy. Debt is a sin and sin leads to death. Therefore the debt-sin and death ledger must be repaid.

The Covenant (Kawenata), the Spirit of YAHusha has redeemed the value for the ledger by death. A Global Value Covenant of IO has been made available with an infinite SPIRIT of energy value, backed by AU gold Authority of ‘I’. The system has been built and it is my desire to lavish my love on you to establish an Aroha Alliance.

All energy is exchanged for credit (current-see). Our transitioning platform 1, gain2umatrix.com has a pre-launch pledge of €10 Euro Dollars plus a gateway fee to join the alliance through our smartphone mobile apps on Google Play Store.

The Sovereign Integraal Credit Depository of Central Finance & Investments Non-Government Foundation Hub, stores fiat currency (money) for the purpose of freeing hue-manity of debt enslavement. This allows us to transition from a debt-based fictitious monetary system to a sovereign credit-based energy exchange current-see in covenant with the Kingdom House of Io and GOD's Arc of the Covenant of all sentient-beings.

It requires you to sponsor 10 new subscribers within the first month of joining and adding 1 new subscriber each month thereafter into our follow the leader, jump-over and spill-over administration infrastructure. Subscribers will automatically upgrade through 6 credit plans, where the pledge increases 10 fold and the credit-line reward increases 1,000 fold.

There is a website where you can upgrade too with a €250 Euro Dollar setup pledge and a €20 Euro Dollar monthly pledge thereafter, plus any gateway fees. You can use your e-wallet credit-line or our payment gateway if you do not have enough credit to upgrade. This is where you get to spend your credits. You can also receive 50% commissions for listing Real Estate, Business Ventures and Business Directory Services. You can list All types of Vehicles, General Products and Services, Classifieds, Auction and Tender Services.

The pre-launch is to establish and build our AU credit-backed buyers network and to create world barter and global trade alliances on our very own advertising platforms using our own private medium of exchange.

If you desire a new way of life in righteousness and truth and can abide by our rules of engagement for fair and honourable exchange, we welcome YOU….

IAM with YOU….
I’O Supreme
Divine Masculine and Feminine Source in Union


Our Restoration and Salvation Plan a sneak peek and overview of our Kingdom.