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The current value of a little under 3.6 Billion EUR / 304 TBC Crypto-currency will be established from the 28 August, 2022. being from the future date timeline of the now time that is an underwritten pledge (loan) to the GAIN 2U Energy Exchange System to support the internal credit exchange infrastructure. This amount is always increasing as the TBC membership grows and the capped coin value of 304 TBC is 304 Billion EUR. Gavin :Marsich: is the underwriter of the account shown below and is the Trust Settlor for the initiating TRUST value.

A condition of this value is to provide a start-up grant balance for up-to-date (fam) financially active member(s)/subscribers account(s) of 10,000CR to initiate energy exchange and create tangible exchange supported by products and services of WE the People. This grant must be repaid back to Gavin-John for the House of :Marsich: of :Marsich-Crown-Kingdom: TRUST, from the affiliate sponsorship program within one (1) full financial year, as not to create a debt to the assurance of credit value within the affiliate infrastructure. Failure to repay the full amount in the required time period will result in an additional 10% Tithe being added to any outstanding balance that is remaining and a repayment plan being initiated. It is paramount that all parties have integrity and honor all activities of the system.

If all subscribers initiate the barter exchange with products and services in both the GAIN 2U Matrix and GAIN 2U Network platforms and introduce their support networks of 10 New Subscribers in the first month of joining and 1 New Subscriber each month thereafter and use the grant to set up listing an Unincorporated Foundation Structure in the Business Directory Services back office members login area, as a COOPerative Mahitahi Structure in a Global Aroha Alliance, the sooner WE the People will see positive change in this chaotic world. 

Gavin :Marsich: invites people to affiliate with the GAIN 2U Energy Exchange System to help reconnect, correct and FREE Hue-manity from enslavement and return back to divine source. Gavin :Marsich: encourages everyone to exchange their unused items laying around the home and to exchange their values for the GAIN 2U private medium of exchange to establish your own plan of abundant wealth and asset accumulation. By using the platforms of both GAIN 2U MATRIX and GAIN 2U NETWORK, ALL Subscribers can receive unlimited credit residuals and other rewards when using the plaforms in the manner in which they were designed. 

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The Global Value Covenant of IO is an infinite value attached to God's Bank Reserves and a Common Law Commercial Lien dated 25 June 2014, against ALL Governments, Government Agencies and Agents of the current system. It also establishes the born-right claim of the AU Spirit of Me the IAM with a Gold Standard AUthority of the sole foot-print used as Sole-Traders of all natural hue-man living-beings dead or alive from time immemorial. WE the People collectively agree to reclaim the above values as our born-right claim in covenant with Ihowa/YAHuah and YAHusha aka; IO M-Atua te runga rawa i nga rangi, IO Father Most High in all Heavens and IO Tama, the Kawenata (Covenant) on Earth. WE the People acknowledge and innerstand that our born-right claim is initiated when WE the People join the GAIN 2U Energy Exchange System by our electronic consent when WE the People open and establish a New GAIN 2U Credit-Euro Account. YAHmen.